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All Photo Galleries (New Galleries added May 2011)

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Janice & Tony your work is awesome! So very inspiring! My favorite gallery is the macro and then the barns! Oh and I cant forget those creeks and streams! I look forward to seeing more!
Jesica and Aaron(non-registered)
We love your work!
Audrey Self Williamson (East Tennessee)(non-registered)
Janice - I always enjoy going back and looking at your photography. You and Tony are blessed with a wonderful talent. You will never know how many lives it touches. I just love to pull up all galleries and watch each seen move through the calming and relaxing. Thanks for sharing.
Hi I worked with your son in Illinois at his former place of employment. I really like your work. I really like your work. You seem to have an eye for capturing the moment. I look forward to more photos.

Beginning Photographer
Deb Drew Brown(non-registered)
To the Prices: very nice nature photos, interesting and artistic. I had no idea of the scale of some of the scenes until people were included! Thank you for sharing. Deb Drew Brown
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